Data Integrity

At the core of every enterprise system is your data. Flaws in internal processes, reliance on important data, and inconsistencies in standards between business units can all introduce errors and reduce the overall integrity of your data. WayTo has developed an expertise in high-impact and non-disruptive practices for improving the quality of your data.

Award Winning Systems

Systems developed by WayTo have garnered provincial, national, and international awards including: Best System in Government by the CIPA, URISA International, Premiers Award in Alberta, and a G/Tech (Technology in Government) Award in Ottawa.

Process Improvement

WayTo performs data-centric analysis across the life-cycle of your enterprise data to allow for an effective identification of process-based origins of errors.

WayTo Integration and Consulting develops effective solutions for the successful integration and distribution of information from diverse existing production systems. Rooted in extensive experience and expertise, WayTo provides complete integration services spanning the analysis of existing production systems, the design of warehouse data models, data migration, data conversion from hard-copy sources, and the development of efficient distribution applications. In amalgamating and distributing data from disparate sources, WayTo offers clients palpable returns: effective technology, improved accessibility, and increased productivity. In addition, data validation processes provide mechanisms to resolve and enhance data in existing systems.